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4 Ways To Treat And Prevent Tech Neck

4 Ways To Treat And Prevent Tech Neck

Over the past couple of years we've become even more dependent on our digital devices due to adapting how we work and socialize in the wake of the pandemic.

The use of technology devices was already popular before the lock-down, but since then an increase in usage of laptops and computers for various tasks like Zoom virtual meetings for work and school, as well as continued use of tablets and phones exploit our time and our physical well being at home.

As a result many of us are starting to notice the negative impacts this has caused. One negative side effect of living in a digital age is "Tech Neck" (formerly known as Text Neck).

What Is Tech Neck?

As the name implies, tech neck is a relatively new phenomenon caused when we hang our heads forward and look down at our device screens.

Whether it's texting, scrolling through social media, zooming, etc, this unnatural, repetitive action adds a perceived weight to certain areas of our upper body, creating an imbalance and putting extra stress on the neck.

In trying to compensate for and counter this extra, undue weight, our muscles tend to tense up for long periods of time and often results in pain and aches around the jaw, neck, shoulders and back area. For some of us it could result in migraines.

How Tech Neck is Causing Us to Age Faster?

Tech Neck is causing us to age faster creating wrinkles, sagging and loose skin. This is due to shortening and weakening of the muscles that are meant to support our head and give structure to the face. When these muscles become weak, they shrink in size and the skin around them becomes loose.

This leads to the jawline becoming less defined, a double chin starts to develop and we begin to notice horizontal bands around the neck that do not seem to go away.

As an esthetician I not only have to contend with working with digital tech devices for my professional and personal needs, I also deal with tech neck issues when I'm constantly looking down at my clients as I work on them.

How To Treat & Prevent Tech Neck?

To help remedy this problem, I've come up with 4 ways to help combat Tech Neck, which you can try at home.

While these four ways have helped to address my own issues with tech neck, I do not recommend them as a substitute for professional medical advice relating to muscle strain or any ailments you may have. I highly encourage you to seek the help and guidance from a medical professional if you think your existing condition needs it.

To learn how to prevent tech neck from making you age faster, please check out this video on my YouTube channel.

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