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DIY Facial For Your Holiday Staycation

DIY Facial For Your Holiday Staycation

You may be yearning to go get a facial right now but with your holiday schedule your time is limited especially if you're not traveling out of town or decided to host or simply decided to just chill at home this Christmas.

So it's probably even harder to find the time to relax or take care of your skin if you’re wondering about what products to reach for, that can combine and fit into a pared-back daily skincare regimen.

If you are in need for a quick pro-level treatment without having to leave your home, we've got your covered with a DIY facial routine and some product must-haves for your holiday staycation.

DIY Facial Steps

Step 1: Cleansing And Exfoliating

With a clean face, you begin with a skin prep using La Fervance skincare’s Gommage Extraordinaire for a thorough but gentle exfoliation of your skin.

Besides getting rid of dead skin, this mask will immediately uplift, energize and keep those glow vibes going strong with the inviting scent of Renaissance rose, fruit enzymes, red algae, Macademia seed and French quartz powder.

Your skin is now prepped for the next step, but left feeling clean, healthy with a longer lasting glow.

We Recommend: La Fervance Gommage Extraordinaire

Step 2: Give Your Skin Extra Radiance

One of the ways to obtain that radiant complexion in this step is to use a booster that contains lactic acid since it a powerhouse ingredient known to reveal a smoother skin through its gentle exfoliating and hydrating properties.

For this we recommend the Perfection Booster which works hard to reduce imperfections, resurface and refine your pores and smooth out fine lines. It is also known to help plump the skin with intense hydration especially with dry skin during the cold weather.

The booster is easy to use on its own or combine it with a serum. For this step you can try it solo.

We Recommend: Age Intelligence Perfection Booster

Step 3: Renew And Rebalance

For this step you need to focus on renewing your skin’s cells which will repair the skin barrier.

Our go-to is the Recovery Serum that boasts ingredients such as Ectoin, Tiger Herb and peptides which pull triple duty as a super hydrator while rebalancing your skin and increasing cell turnover.

This luxurious serum absorbs beautifully, without leaving any sticky feeling, to instantly sooth and calm dry and irritated skin, leaving it supple, revitalized and looking youthful.

We Recommend: Age Intelligence Recovery Serum

Step 4: Moisturize And Lift

This step requires a thick moisturizer and a leave-on mask that delivers a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamin A to help you get an age-defying boost and restore moisture levels.

The Lifting Replenishing Mask is a good leave-on mask that has a texture thick enough to frost a cake, so don’t be afraid to use a dime size amount and massage it until it disappears.

With a bit of massaging, this mask’s formula absorbs deep into the skin where you will actually feel it hydrating beyond the surface of your skin, without the greasy feeling on your face or on your fingertips.

Try this mask with one of our best DIY facial massage techniques at home.

We Recommend: Lifting Replenishing Mask

Step 5: Boost Circulation With A Face Massage

Try the Replenishing Mask with this DIY face massage to boost circulation, sculpt the jawline and lift the cheeks all in the comfort of your own bathroom.

And…you’re done! Another simple, easy DIY skincare routine that you can try over your holiday staycation.

Happy Glowing!

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