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Get Ready With Me

Get Ready With Me, Morning Skincare Routine by Joanna Kula

Since posting my nighttime routine I've received a lot of questions about what a morning skincare routine would involve.

So I decided to make a quick tutorial for you on the techniques and skincare products that I use to keep my skin well hydrated and plump for the long day ahead of me.

Morning Skincare Routine Steps

Step 1 - Scrub/Mask

For the first step, I start by cleansing and exfoliating my skin with a scrub/mask.

You can wash your face, but I like to clean and rinse of the mask while I take a shower.

Step 2 - Hydrating Toner

After my shower, while my skin is damp, I apply a toner by pressing it into my skin.

Step 3 - Apply A Serum

In the mornings I prefer to use a serum that is more plumping and has a lot of antioxidants in it. I use it in combination with an active booster.

Mixing a booster with a serum helps to augment the serum when I use it around my eyes.

Step 4 - Moisturizer

To stay well hydrated during the day I use one of my favorite moisturizers, the Age Intelligence Smart Cream by Swissline.

This moisturizer contains Swissline's signature skincare ingredients Madecassoside® that is derived from a plant called Centella Asiatica, and Ectoin which is an enzyme produced by microorganisms that thrive in extreme heat and cold weather conditions.

When my skin feels a bit tired, I like to add a few drops of a beauty oil to the moisturizer.

Step 5 - My Hydration Sandwich

To add an extra dose of hydration I like to add a hydration sandwich which involves re-applying the hydrating toner used in Step 2 over the moisturizer.

Step 6 - Eye Cream

Next I like to apply an eye cream that is ultra hydrating for my eye area.

Step 7 - Sunscreen

Finally I like to incorporate a sunscreen when I do my makeup routine. For this last step I use a product like Ilia's tinted serum and sunscreen in one.

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