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It's All About The Eyes

Blog Article about the Exquisite Face and Body Eye Care Set by Skin Devotee

“The Eyes are the window to your soul” has been a saying that holds true in most cases.

We’ve also been informed by sociology experts time and again, that a little direct eye contact can help with communication when you engage with your conversational partner.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and makes the eye area delicate and sensitive and is often the first signs of aging will show up here, whether it’s from a lack of sleep, proper nutrition and hydration.

Here are some others that we also recommend:


ISDIN's K-Ox Eyes Vitamin K eye cream is a lightweight eye cream that's formulated to dramatically reduce the surface area, volume and density of wrinkles while tightening the eye contour area and smoothing out fine lines.

This eye cream helps reduce puffiness around the eyes and energizes the entire eye zone.


An age-defying, liquid crystal eye serum that replenishes moisture and improves the appearance of damaged, thinning skin around the eyes.

It contains Retinol which encourages the appearance of firmer, smoother and younger-looking skin. This serum also provides deep and longer lasting hydration.


Anyone who can’t live without eye concealers will fancy this modern, highly versatile eye care product.

5% Niacinamide makes this eye mask a superpower brightener, eye firming contour expert, and instant de-puffer.

Suitable for all skin types.

Need more help with achieving better, longer-lasting skin results? Skin Devotee Facial Studio offers customized facials that combines professional skincare techniques and products to reach your skin goals. Book a facial today!

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