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Introducing La Fervance

La Fervance Skincare Collection available at Skin Devotee online skincare boutique

At Skin Devotee, we're always on the search to bring you the most effective, innovative and ethically sourced products from all over the globe, which is why we are delighted to share with you our latest discovery.

La Fervance is the newest addition to Skin Devotee's curated retail shelf. Since its official launch in 2020, this female-led brand has already won multiple awards and accolades.

La Fervance - About The Brand

La Fervance is an independent, original authentic Australian-French company specializing in sustainable luxury beauty.

Every single detail of La Fervance products have been carefully vetted and thought out by its founder Melissa Obeid.

From the ingredient sourcing to the artisan packaging, bespoke scent, texture and feel, La Fervance is more than just skincare.

Discover La Fervance

La Fervance Eclat Extraordinaire available at Skin Devotee

Eclat Extraordinaire

Eclat Extraordinaire, the hero product of the line, is a 23K gold infused balm/mask that nourishes, soothes and plumps the skin with 67% active ingredients.

Why We Love It?

Eclat Extraordinaire has become a favorite nighttime ritual because it leaves the skin hydrated, plump and positively glowing upon waking up.

After two weeks, you will notice a significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and skin's loss of firmness. It's the perfect companion to topical retinoids and despite its rich texture, will not contribute to breakouts.

Eclat Extraordinaire can be used multiple ways, as a daily moisturizer, flash treatment or sleeping mask. The innovative ester base will transform to an oil with massage and become a milky emulsion with water.

Pro Tip: When using as a leave-on treatment, press in a hydrating toner or essence on top to further optimize hydration and allow the product to penetrate.

Who It's Good For?

All skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin that lacks radiance.

Anyone experiencing loss of volume, tone and plumpness will appreciate the amazing lifting benefits and added bounce to their skin.

Le Fervance Gommage Extraordinaire available at Skin Devotee online skincare boutique

Gommage Extraordinaire

Gommage Extraodinaire is an exfoliating and purifying mask made of a sugar ester emulsion that progressively changes into an oil during the massage, releasing its natural exfoliating agents and giving off a slight heated sensation.

Why We Love It?

Gommage Extraordinaire exfoliates the skin with macadamia seed powder, natural sand and organic sugar, while effectively eliminating impurities to leave the skin soft, smooth and balanced.

Made with mineral-rich sea water, seaweed extract and principal actives of mango, papaya and pineapple extract, Gommage Extraordinaire gives the skin a newfound energy and radiance, while encouraging natural cell renewal.

Infused with the uplifting scent of Renaissance rose, the mask creates a sensory experience that will transform your daily ritual and leave you glowing.

Who It's Good For?

All skin types, especially those with dull skin, lacking in radiance and energy.

Social Impact & Commitment

La Fervance is a brand created with France’s most accomplished, cosmetic scientists and state of the art laboratories – stemming from the globally esteemed Cosmetic Valley.

La Fervance is ‘Made in France’ in accordance with the most stringent global regulations for the production of prestige, sustainable luxury beauty. 

La Fervance products boast the highest level of eco-certification by COSMOS meaning that all ingredients are 100% natural, traceable and sustainably sourced.

The company is committed not only to minimizing its environmental impact, but also maintaining social responsibility and supporting local communities through its environmentally safe practices, fair pay and labor laws, ethical ingredient sourcing and recyclable packaging.

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