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Masking For All Skin Types

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A Quick Look At Our Best Face Masks

Most people consider face masks to be luxury items meant to be used only before special events or during spa treatments. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Masks are not only a great way to bring a little self-care into your daily routine, they can also help address many common skin concerns from acne to pigmentation, dehydration and more.

The ritual of using a mask can often lead to immediate and longer-lasting results than most other products can offer.

Our Favorite Reasons To Use A Mask

1. Lessen and control acne and hormonal flare-ups

If you're someone who's prone to acne, masking can help regulate sebum production, re-balance the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria.

Favorite Mask To Try: Pietro Simone Skincare The Proud Mask

We recommend The Proud Mask because it provides anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, hydrating, soothing, anti-oxidant and age management benefits without drying out the skin, in the same way as other top brands like Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant claim to do.

2. Nourish & repair the skin barrier after a procedure or excessive sun exposure

If your skin is red, irritated or compromised, it may require a little TLC. A creamy hydrating mask is just what the esthetician ordered.

Favorite Mask To Try: Force Vitale Soothing Hydrating Mask

We love this mask from Swissline and use it in the treatment room as a massage medium. Like a comfort blanket for the skin, it contains a unique combination of botanical oils, Swiss alpine extracts, milk of iris and cucumber extract to nourish, soothe and repair the skin, while leaving it softer, brighter and more nourished.

We can't think of any reason not to include this mask in your skincare arsenal.

3. Exfoliate, energize and detoxify the skin

If your skin is looking dull, lifeless and less radiant than it should, perhaps it could use a little pep talk?

Favorite Mask To Try: La Fervance Gommage Extraordinaire

Gommage Extraordinaire is like that special friend that's always hyping you up and saying "you got this".

It will immediately uplift, energize and keep those glow vibes going strong with the inviting scent of Renaissance rose, fruit enzymes, red algae, Macademia seed and French quartz powder.

You need this mask in your life, just like you need your hype girl squad.

4. Treat dehydrated skin

For skin that lacks moisture, a plumping and hydrating sheet mask is the answer to your skin woes.

Favorite Mask To Try: Pietro SImone Skincare Hydrator In Chief

This serum mask combines moisture-locking and über-hydrating compounds that help re-establish, develop and maximize the skin’s vital hydration levels while botanical extracts help balance and refine.

You can thank us later.

5. Address sagging skin, wrinkles and lack of elasticity

Everyone can use a little lift. If gravity has taken hold of your face, you need a lifting mask that can improve sagging and increase elasticity.

Favorite Mask To Try: Cell Shock Lifting Replenishing Mask

This mask is another treatment room favorite. It activates upon contact with the skin and requires massaging.

With a special blend of peptides, antioxidants and skin tightening ingredients in the form of tiny beads that burst open when activated, it's like the best kind of push-up bra for your face.

6. Indulge in a little self-care in the comfort of your home, hotel room, etc.

So you want to look and feel like a goddess, but with minimum effort?

Favorite Mask To Try: La Fervance Eclat Extraordinaire

Oh la la! Let's talk about GLOW!

This gold-infused goddess mask is a workhorse because it doubles as a mask, moisturizer, makeup primer and body glow. But don't let its minimalism fool you. It will make your skin look alive and positively youthful.

A true French product for the minimalist beauties, but with a "je ne sais quoi" attitude.

Have You Tried Double-Masking Yet?

Whether you want a "red carpet glow" for a special event or an epic selfie, or maybe you're just an overachiever and want to level-up your masking game, "Double-Masking is your answer."

Double-Masking has many benefits and is a great way to reset your skin.

What is Double-Masking?

Shh… don't tell anyone. It's something that us estheticians have been doing for years in the treatment room.

Here's how to do it at home:

Use two masks, one right after the other. First one exfoliating, second one hydrating. That's it.

You can even leave the hydrating mask on overnight. If your skin looks like a glazed donut, you've done it right! 🍩🙌🏻

Need help with your skin to achieve better, longer-lasting results? Skin Devotee Facial Studio offers customized facials and products to help you achieve your skin goals. Book a facial today!

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