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Self-Care Tips To Help Get You Through The Holidays

Self-Care Tips To Help Get You Through The Holidays

It's that time of the year! The holiday season is upon us and as we look forward to spending more time with our loved ones, enjoying gatherings, festivities and events, we're reminded of how stressful and hectic it can be.

With so many things to do and so little time to do them, it can get overwhelming.

Which is why we've come up with some simple self-care tips to help you get through the holiday season unscathed, while squeezing in a little time for yourself.

#1 Give Yourself A Mini-Treatment

If your to-do list seems endless this time of year, why not multi-task your way through?

Put on an anti-aging eye mask like the Anti-Puff Eye Treatment, turn on some holiday tunes and pour yourself a glass of red wine (or enjoy a piece of dark chocolate). It's the self-care boost you didn't know you needed, but totally deserve.

#2 DIY Face Massage

Try a DIY lifting facial massage for an instant skin pick-me-up.

Apply your favorite moisturizer or a hydrating cream mask, such as the Force Vital Hydra Soothing Mask and massage the product in an upward and outward direction for three minutes.

Your skin will take on a rosy glow and you'll feel like you're ready to take on anything.

#3 Take A Steamy Shower Or Bath

A steamy shower or bath is a great way to promote relaxation and cleanse away the day's stress.

Turn your shower into an at-home spa experience with Polish Dual-Action Body Scrub. Let the therapeutic scent of lavender, eucalyptus and grapefruit fill your bathroom and take over your senses, while you exfoliate from head to toe.

Your skin will be smooth and radiant, just in time for those holiday parties.

#4 Create A Post-Shower Ritual

After you shower, create a bedtime ritual by moisturizing and treating your skin with Cosmedix A-Lift body lotion.

The calming scent will relax you, while a blend of nourishing oils, antioxidants and Vitamin A go to work overnight, allowing you to catch some much needed ZZZ's.

#5 Stay Hydrated With Herbal Tea

When you do get a chance to sit down or unwind, make yourself a cup or two of herbal tea.

Herbs such as chamomile, spearmint, ginger and holy basil are known to calm the nerves, promote a more restful sleep and improve your immune function.

Non-caffeinated tea offers the same hydrating benefits as water, but with an added boost of calming ingredients and natural antioxidants. It makes self-care easy, so you can sip away your worries while you enjoy a peaceful moment all to yourself.

Drink Herbal Tea as a Self-Care Tip To Help Get You Through The Holidays

#6 Treat Yourself To A Facial Treatment

You already have enough to do, so why not make it someone else's challenge to give you a professional facial treatment.

A facial allows you to give your skin the attention it deserves, helps slow down the aging process and minimize the appearance of wrinkles from all that stress.

So take some time out to treat yourself to a facial that will leave you looking more youthful, energized and give you that Holiday glow.

Cheers to the Holiday Season... You've got this!

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