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Transformative Skincare Routine

Simple 2 Step Skincare Routine Using Gommage Extraordinaire and Eclat Extraordinaire skincare products by La Fervance

So you have a busy schedule and don’t always have time for a multi-step routine? There’s no excuse to not take care of yourself.

Just Two Products

Here’s a simple 2 step skincare routine that anyone can do, especially those with a busy schedule. It involves just two products by La Fervance. Yes, it’s that simple.

This is an exfoliating and purifying mask made of a sugar ester emulsion that progressively changes into an oil during the massage, releasing its natural exfoliating agents and giving off a slight heated sensation.

This is a 23K gold infused balm/mask that nourishes, soothes and plumps the skin with 67% active ingredients. It can be used multiple ways, as a daily moisturizer, flash treatment or sleeping mask.

Just Two Steps

You are probably aware that caring for your skin is necessary for your overall health and reducing the signs of aging. And with sooo many skincare products and new age trends out there in the market, finding a simple skincare regimen and trying to maintain one seems like mission impossible.

That's why I have cut out the extra steps for you and laid it out in 2 easy steps, using two products that will have you glowing like a light bulb in no time.

Don’t believe me, just watch the video.

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