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Transition to Fall Skincare

Skin Devotee Scoop on How To Transition Your Skincare Routines and Products For The Fall Season

Are we into fall already?! Believe it or not summer has whizzed by, making way for fall season even though many of us are still sweating from humid days and running our air conditioners.

While we’re in this strange transition of seasons, we still need to consider the shift in our choice of products, that’s necessary for even the most minimal of skincare routines. High on the list will be creamy cleansers and moisturizers that will be sure to keep you hydrated, especially if you have dry skin, along with retinol products that will help to repair and rebuild the skin.

YouTube Video Tutorial

I’ve posted a new video for you, in which I go through a short list of products for your skincare routine. I also discuss what sort of goals you can strive for to maintain a healthy, glowing skin this fall.

So be sure to check out the video and please remember to like, subscribe, and leave me a comment with your thoughts on your fall skincare goals.

Remember Your Sunscreens!

Oh, and please remember to apply your sunscreen. We all know that fall season brings shorter days and some overcast skies, but those harmful UV rays can still penetrate and cause damage.

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