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ZIIP vs NUFACE: Which Microcurrent Device Is Better?

Which Microcurrent Device Is Best For Your Skin

Sagging skin is no joke to us ladies, especially when we pass those milestone years in our lives and everything around us only gets more complicated and stressful.

Over 5 years ago, adding an at-home micro-current device into my skincare routine was a real game-changer. Back then I had chosen the NuFace Trinity Pro, which seemed like a great investment.

After two years of using the device, I was left wanting more and contemplated purchasing the attachments. But then I was introduced to the ZIIP and immediately fell in love. I appreciated the amount of knowledge and passion that went into its development, the level of customization, the sophisticated yet simple aesthetic, not to mention the fabulous results!

I decided to purchase the ZIIP instead and never looked back.

Ziippidy Do Da

ZIIP Beauty GX Skincare Device Shop Now at Skin Devotee Online Boutique

I've written in detail about the ZIIP, however nothing compares to just using the ZIIP in my regular at-home skincare regimen over the years to really appreciate many of the aspects of this microcurrent device which makes it different from the NuFace and a firm choice for my skin.

ZIIP Beauty Customizable Programs

Most importantly the sleek, ergonomic design, the customized programs (9 of them!) and the fact that it uses different wavelengths of nanocurrent and microcurrent unlike NuFace which is one of the main differences as well, make the ZIIP very easy to choose over the NuFace and many other microcurrent devices out on the market.

 ZIIP GX Device With Golden Gel Shop Now at Skin Devotee Online Boutique

I can do a 6-minute lifting treatment, followed by a plumping one and then target the eye area at the same time and with just one device. The combination of treatments are endless and the results speak for themselves.

NuFace Trinity Pro with Extra Attachments sold separately

Unlike the NuFace Trinity, The ZIIP does not require any extra attachments. To customize your treatment, all you need is a smart phone and an app. That's it!

The ZIIP device is designed for the future and can be programmed with over a million different combinations of current.

Extra attachments can perform the task they are meant for, but they also increase the overall cost of the NuFace device (and for the eco-conscious consumer, contribute to more waste).

ZIIP or NuFace

If you are still wondering about which device is best for you, then watch this video in which I review, compare and demo the two micro-current devices and leave you to decide which one is best for your skin. ✨

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