Why This Ancient Plant Is A True Skincare Hero

Skin Devotee Scoop on the ancient plant Gotu Kola aka Centella asiatica and why we love it as a skincare ingredient

There's a hot new ingredient trending in the beauty world. Dubbed the best skincare ingredient of 2021, Centella asiatica (Cica for short) is a real skincare hero that deserves all the praise.

Commonly known as Tiger Grass or Gotu Kola, Cica is an ancient medicinal herb native to the wetlands of Asia that has been used in eastern medicine for thousands of years. This unique plant is the basis of new skincare formulas that offer hydrating, soothing and repairing qualities, as well as powerful anti-oxidant protection.


Centella asicatica is known for its ability to speed up skin healing and for strengthening the skin barrier. It also protects against free radical damage and offers multiple anti-aging benefits for every skin type.

Let's face it - today, more than ever, soothing and comforting skincare products often top the list of anyone concerned with "stressed skin." It's no wonder "maskne" was the most googled skincare term of 2020.

While Skin Devotee is not about trends, we are fully on-board the Cica train. We've put together for you a short list of products that contain this powerful ingredient so that you too may benefit from its healing powers.


This year-round formula contains Madecassoside® a purified isolated extraction from Centella asiatica which soothes stress-induced conditions and re-balances the skin barrier. This serum is suitable for all skin types, even oily and blemish-prone skins.

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence Essential Serum
Age Intelligence Essential Serum
Regular price $154.00


This modern moisturizer contains the ingredient Madecassoside®, obtained from the plant Centella asiatica that promotes anti-stress skin but without leaving it greasy. Try this moisturizing cream if you have Normal, Combination/Oily or Sensitive skin.

Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence Smart Cream Moisturizer
Age Intelligence Smart Cream
Regular price $154.00


Featuring the hero ingredient Centella asiatica, this serum helps sensitive skin types, those experiencing redness post-facial or those with other irritating dry skin conditions by replenishing the skin's moisture barrier. Try this if your skin is prone to dehydration, sensitivity or blemishes.

Cosmedix CPR Skin Recovery Serum 15ml
CPR Serum
Regular price $57.00


Blended into this formula is the medicinal herb, Centella asiatica, creating an intense hydrating balm and mask rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, that leaves dry, chapped or cracked skin with a calm and rejuvenated glowing complexion.


With its cloud-like emulsion, this cleansing gel features Centella asiatica, providing hydration while efficiently removes make-up and gently cleanses the skin. Its nourishing blend of botanical extracts helps restore the skin's healthy microcirculation and hydration leaving it soft, plump and fresh.

Exquisite Soothing Cleansing Gel for all Skin Types
Soothing Cleansing Gel
Regular price $65.00


This uber hydrating, fragrance-free facial toner soothes, restores, and balances the skin with ingredients like Centella asiatica, sea salt and prebiotics. This toner accelerates healing for acne and restores the skin’s natural oil balance and will leave your skin replenished with a healthy dose of hydration.


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