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Skin Devotee Blog Article by founder and esthetician Joanna Kula

I’m so excited to work with you on this rewarding journey towards great skin! When I started Skin Devotee back in 2015, it was intended to be a professional voice in the industry and an outlet for self-expression, but it became so much more than that.

As an esthetician, it's always been my goal to empower others to feel more confident and Skin Devotee encompasses what I believe in.

Challenging the Perception of Beauty

With the rise of social media, Instagram filters and unrealistic beauty standards, it's becoming increasingly difficult to accept ourselves just as we are. The pressure to not age or look a certain way has become part of our our modern-day culture and has completely distorted our perception of beauty. 

"At Skin Devotee, we want to embrace imperfection and give you healthy, radiant skin instead."

We want effective, evidence-based solutions, luxurious formulas and meaningful conversations without the filters, marketing gimmicks or trends. We want progress over perfection and graceful aging over anti-aging.

Not Just Another Spa or Medical Clinic

At Skin Devotee, we believe in a complete and customized approach to skincare, which is why we will always offer the expertise, guidance and education necessary to help you achieve your skin goals at any age.

Our private facial studio is a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment where you can expect to get the relaxation and self-care that you truly deserve.

Along with that, we aim to provide the most innovative and transformative treatments available that include alternatives to invasive medical procedures and injections. We are fully invested in giving you the skin that you can be proud to live in.

We hope you can join us along for the ride.

Let's glow!

- Joanna


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