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The Skincare Device That Got Us Through 2020

ZIIP Device with Golden Conductive Gel available from Skin Devotee Online Boutique

I have a confession. It's been almost a full year since my last facial. With the pandemic still happening, it's no surprise that many of us have had to forgo personal care services and regular trips to the salon or spa for months at a time.

Despite all the craziness of 2020, clients would constantly ask me how they could achieve a lifted and sculpted look at home that was similar to the results of the micro-current facials they used to get regularly.

ZIIP Is The Answer!

This nano-current device has been a game-changer for so many reasons. Besides the fact that it's the first ever smart skincare device to sync with an app, this sophisticated little tool is the closest thing to a personal at-home facialist.

What Makes The ZIIP Device Unique?

App-synching and nano-current technology allow the device to be programmed with different treatments to target your most pressing concerns. If you thought micro-current was only for lifting, then this device will definitely convince you otherwise.

There's a program for lifting, toning, lymphatic drainage, de-puffing, pigmentation and even breakouts.

How Does It Work?

Nano-current and micro-current has been used in medicine for decades to help stimulate muscle repair and facilitate healing. Because nano-currents and micro-currents mimic our body's own natural energy, they are completely natural and safe to use. (You should still avoid them during pregnancy.) If you think of skin cells as tiny batteries, micro-current is what recharges them. As we get older, the amount of available energy in our cells decreases, which is why the skin starts to look dull and tired.

Micro-current also gives the facial muscles a workout, strengthening them over time and giving the skin a lifted and more sculpted appearance. Its a win-win! Incorporating a device like the ZIIP into your skincare routine is an excellent way to elevate your skincare routine and take your results to the next level.

How To Incorporate The ZIIP Device Into Your Skincare Routine

I recommend using the device at least three times a week. Make sure you cleanse and tone your skin first, then apply a good layer of conductive gel. You'll also want to switch up the programs so that your skin can be challenged regularly. With the ZIIP app, you can follow the tutorials online. Once you become comfortable and familiar with the different programs, you can choose to free-style.

My favorite program is the 4-minute Instant Gratification. However, this year I found myself using the Total Clearing program pretty frequently to treat inflammation and breakouts from daily mask-wearing. The ZIIP is effective at treating breakouts and maskne because it zaps bacteria under the skin surface, reduces inflammation and helps the skin to heal quicker. In my opinion, nothing else works as well or as quickly.

If you want to treat multiple concerns, you can stack different treatments together, just make sure that you always do the Total Clearing program last and remove the conductive gel as soon as you are finished with the treatment.

Purchase the ZIIP Beauty device now and get started on your at-home DIY facial.

Happy Zipping!


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