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Swiss Line Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence

Facial Boosting Essence

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Much More Than A Tonic Lotion

This essence is a concentrated splash of energetic coolness as it gives the skin a boost of energy, clarifies the complexion over time and allows all its active ingredients to penetrate even better.

Size: 5 oz / 150 ml

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About The Brand

Founded in Switzerland 30 years ago, Swiss Line is one of the very few brands who can trace its origins into cellular therapy. Proud of their heritage, Swiss Line remains at the heart of biotech innovation and development to this day.

From ideation to creation, their Swiss DNA informs everything they create. Their award-winning formulas embrace natural actives and skin-identical ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Niacinamide, Pre and Probiotics, Madecassoside® and more.

Swiss Line’s philosophy is simple: Intelligent skincare respects and works with the skin, not against it.