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Jasmine Botanika Candle by Pigmint Arome is available now at Skin Devotee Online Boutique

Jasmine Botanika

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Need something to fill the air with a perfectly balance harmony of scents as you unwind from a stressful day?

Try the Jasmine Botanika for an unexpected and sultry earthy scent of petrichor combined with the rich warmth of jasmine and amber that will your home with an addictive floral fragrance that is as complex as it is light.

Size: 3 x 3.5 inches

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About The Brand

From our flower shop beginnings, scent remains Pigmint’s singular touchstone and driving force—both in life and in business. Style, quality, attention to detail and well-being are cornerstones of the brand. From candles and room sprays to reed diffusers, Pigmint is committed to awakening your olfactory senses with the absolute best in scent.

Pigmint’s exclusive fragrances are carefully formulated from exotic botanicals and essential oils sourced globally. Hand poured in the USA from a soy and coconut-blended wax, each of our candles are hyper saturated with perfume oil, ensuring a bold, unforgettable scent when lit.