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Pietro Simone The Fierce Collection Scar and Spot Fighter serum available at Skin Devotee Online Boutique

Scar & Spot Fighter Serum

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An Astute Serum

This serum contains a sequence of active ingredients that combine to form an intense series of reactions as they work on skin that is scar-depressed, has irritated comedones and is hyperpigmented.

Size: 1 oz / 30 ml

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About The Brand

Pietro Simone is an author and designer of skincare who creates intrinsic beauty blueprints. A dynamic, young disruptor in the beauty industry, Simone spearheads a positive, global evolution in how we all approach beauty and anti-aging.

His motivating philosophies and pioneering techniques are offered though the eponymous Pietro Simone Skincare line at luxury resorts and spas around the world, as well as, the boutique Pietro Simone Clinic in London and in NYC.

Pietro believes, to his core, that every person is naturally beautiful. His line only enhances what comes from within.