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DIY Face Massage for Healthy Skin

Try This DIY Facial Massage To Keep Your Skin Glowing

When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, we often focus on cleansing, but there's another crucial factor that deserves our attention: movement.

As the largest organ, our skin requires both external and internal nourishment to thrive. It communicates with the rest of our body, responding to various factors such as inflammation, stress, and lifestyle changes.

However, skin is typically last on the list to receive nutrients, making it essential for us to provide what it needs externally.

In this article, we'll explore the importance of movement for skin health and how a simple face massage can make a significant difference.

The Circulatory & Lymphatic System

To understand the significance of movement, we must first consider the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

The circulatory system, composed of veins, arteries, and blood vessels, delivers essential nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Meanwhile, the lymphatic system works in tandem with the circulatory system to remove waste and toxins.

Both systems rely on constant movement to function optimally and maintain our overall health.

Pond vs Stream Analogy

Imagine a stagnant pond compared to a flowing stream. The pond is murky, filled with waste and debris, while the stream boasts crystal-clear water that remains fresh enough to drink.

The stream's constant movement allows it to filter out impurities naturally. Similarly, our bodies can be likened to a pond or a stream.

Which would you prefer to be? Which one would offer more longevity and vitality in the long run?

The Role of Movement in Skin Health

Just as our bodies thrive on movement, our skin benefits greatly from it too.

Skin requires circulation to promote healing, access to essential nutrients for thriving, and an effective way to detoxify and eliminate stagnant fluids and waste.

While exercise and daily activities contribute to overall movement, incorporating regular face massages into our routine can provide additional benefits for our skin.

Whether it's spending a few extra minutes massaging in skincare products or dedicating time each day to a rejuvenating face massage, movement can yield powerful results, transforming the skin and even delaying the aging process.

DIY Face Massage For Glowing Skin

A good facial massage should be done on a clean face, with clean, warm hands with short fingernails to avoid scratching your face. Use a gentle-to-medium pressure, with a continuous, smooth and fluid movement and do your best to not drag your fingers or hands across your skin.

Remember, our skin is an organ that relies on movement for optimal function, and by embracing this simple yet powerful technique, we can transform our skin and promote long-term vitality.

To experience the incredible benefits of movement for your skin, watch this video on how to do a proper DIY face massage at home.

We also recommend using either one of the two products below as a massaging medium as both these offer nourishing, hydrating and anti-aging benefits for your skin.

Beauty Balm Beauty Oil

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