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Skin Devotee Facial Studio in Philadelphia offering customized facials and high quality treatments and skincare products

"At Skin Devotee, we want to embrace imperfection and give you healthy, radiant skin instead."

- Joanna Kula, Esthetician & Founder

Joanna Kula owner, founder and Licensed Esthetician of Skin Devotee Facial Studio in Philadelphia

Our Vision

When it comes to skincare, our philosophy is simple. We want effective evidence-based solutions, luxurious formulas and meaningful conversations without the filters, marketing gimmicks or trends. We want progress over perfection and well-aging over anti-aging.

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Our Story

Skin Devotee is all about helping you feel confident in your skin. What started as a casual blog and an outlet for self expression evolved into a passion project and life mission for founder Joanna Kula. Expanding on this concept, Skin Devotee was launched in 2021 as a brick-and-mortar business with a private facial studio in Philadelphia, a curated online boutique and the goal of giving you, your best skin ever.

Skin Devotee Facial Studio in Philadelphia offers facial services and luxury skincare products

Our Mission

We believe in a complete and customized approach to skincare that offers the expertise and guidance to help you achieve your skin goals at any age. Joanna's private studio is a welcoming and nurturing space where you can expect to receive the VIP treatment and self-care that you truly deserve. In addition, we aim to provide the most innovative and transformative treatments available, which include alternatives to invasive medical procedures and injections. We are fully invested in giving you the skin that you can be proud to live in.

Our Standards

Skin Devotee is committed to helping our planet in the best way possible

Global Brands

We partner with internationally recognized global and niche brands, found in high-end spas and clinics around the world.

Skin Devotee is committed towards sustainable practices and products

Ethical & Responsible

The brands we work with are committed to making a positive change through sustainable and ethical business practices.

Skin Devotee is against cruelty to animals for the sake of testing products or services

Cruelty Free

We firmly believe in brands that do not test on animals in order to demonstrate their product efficacy and reliability.

Joanna Kula Founder Skin Devotee Facial Studio Philadelphia

Meet Joanna

Growing up in Poland, Joanna was raised around women who placed great importance on taking care of their skin and this had a profound influence on her personal beauty philosophy and approach to skincare.

After earning a degree in Biology, Joanna was set to attend medical school, but her brief stint in the healthcare industry soon gave way to a passion in skincare, as she went on to train in LA, NYC and internationally before settling on the East Coast to focus on a full-time career as a Lead Esthetician at Rescue Spa, Philadelphia.

Her Journey

Over the past decade Joanna worked towards becoming one of the most sought-after estheticians, amassing a loyal following that included a six-month long waiting list for her facial services. Her background in science, meticulous attention to detail and working experience alongside some of the industry’s top leaders and influencers, allowed her to really tune-in and understand what was missing in the current industry.

Facial Studio

In 2020, amidst the tumultuous global pandemic, Joanna took the bold step to realize her dreams of running her own practice in Philadelphia, as the founder and esthetician behind Skin Devotee Facial Studio. By masterfully combining her intimate knowledge of skin chemistry, specialized techniques and by incorporating high-tech tools to further enhance and deliver lasting results, Joanna has discovered what she calls "the perfect marriage of holistic meets modern” which she expertly applies in all of her signature services, offering her clients the most advanced, non-invasive and cutting edge treatments available.

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