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Shop curated skincare at Skin Devotee Facial Studio located in Rittenhouse Philadelphia
Shop our curated skincare products at Skin Devotee Facial Studio in Philadelphia

Your Skin. Your Goals. — Our Expertise.

Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia, Skin Devotee is your destination for glowing skin and blissful self-care. Our goal is to provide high quality services, exceptional products and lasting results that help enhance your natural beauty and elevate your glow.

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Skin Devotee Facial Studio

Elevating Your Skincare Journey

Stepping into Skin Devotee Facial Studio, your personalized skincare journey begins. From treatments that leave you looking youthful to advanced technologies that support the skin's health and vitality, we offer a comprehensive range of services and professional products to meet your skin's unique needs and goals.

Book a customized skincare treatment at Skin Devotee Facial Studio in Rittenhouse Philadelphia

Why Skin Devotee?

Our team of dedicated experts is devoted to your skin health and well-being. We take a personalized approach, evaluating and treating each client’s skin by considering daily habits, lifestyle and unique needs. Our mission is to provide expert guidance and customized skincare solutions that ensure you achieve and maintain radiant, healthy skin.

Making Skin Health A Priority

At Skin Devotee, we prioritize long-term skin health over quick fixes and fleeting trends. Our philosophy seamlessly blends evidence-based science, holistic principles and decades of expertise. Skin Devotee's non-invasive treatments respect the skin at every level, offering alternative solutions to more aggressive procedures. Our comprehensive approach provides the knowledge and tools to help you feel confident in your skin now and into the future.

Our Commitment

At Skin Devotee, our commitment extends well beyond providing treatments. We are dedicated to innovating and setting new standards in the skincare and spa industry. From transformative treatments and cutting-edge technologies to thoughtfully curated ingredients and ongoing education, we are invested in making your skincare journey a success. We invite you to experience the ultimate skin transformation and discover the true potential of your skin.

Joanna Kula, Licensed Esthetician & Skincare Educator

The Face Behind The Glow

"Regardless of age or current condition, everyone's skin has the potential to thrive. Let's work together and make your dream skin a reality."

Joanna Kula Signature

Meet Joanna

The esthetician behind Skin Devotee Facial Studio, where skincare goes beyond routine and becomes an art form.

Born and raised in Poland, Joanna's journey into esthetics was inspired by a deep love and fascination for beauty and European skincare rituals. Equipped with a science degree, she initially aimed for med school, but ended up training in the bustling cities of LA, NYC and beyond, focusing on her passion and building her skillset.

Joanna eventually found her niche as a Lead Esthetician at Rescue Spa in downtown Philadelphia. Under the expert guidance of acclaimed skincare guru Danuta Mieloch, Joanna honed her craft and mentored aspiring industry professionals, cementing her reputation as a trusted authority in the field. Over the past decade, she has built a devoted following, with clients eagerly waiting for their turn in her treatment room.

What makes Joanna stand out? - It's her blend of scientific know-how, meticulous attention to detail and invaluable experience working alongside industry trailblazers.

In 2021, amidst a global pandemic, Joanna fearlessly pursued her dream, opening Skin Devotee Facial Studio. Here, she blends her expertise in skin chemistry, specialized techniques and cutting-edge tools to create a haven where skincare and self-care exceed the ordinary.

With Skin Devotee, it's not just about treatments; it's about the experience. Joanna's advanced and non-invasive procedures, promise long-lasting outcomes while her expert touch provides a much-needed escape from daily stresses.

At Skin Devotee, every facial is a step towards a more exquisite and confident you.