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Schedule a Procell Microchanneling treatment with Skin Devotee Facial Studio
Schedule a Procell Microchanneling treatment with Skin Devotee Facial Studio

ProCell™ Microchanneling

The Future of Youthful Skin

Discover all the benefits of microneedling without the downtime or trauma.
ProCell™ Microchanneling is a new generation treatment that rebuilds the skin and effectively targets loss of elasticity, pigmentation, sun damage, acne scars and more.

Using a precise linear micro-stamping technique, coupled with advanced biotechnology and powerful stem cells, ProCell™ delivers exceptional rejuvenation results with minimal damage to skin and a downtime of only 90 minutes.

At Skin Devotee Facial Studio in Philadelphia, we offer microchanneling as a stand-alone service or as part of our 90-minute Microchanneling Facial. A series of 3-6 sessions and prior skin consultation is recommended.

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Book a ProCell Microchanneling Facial at Skin Devotee Facial Studio in Philadelphia

Transformative Benefits Of Microchanneling

Microchanneling offers a more targeted and efficient approach to skin rejuvenation.

By creating thousands of invisible microchannels on the skin’s outermost layer without causing damage, the stem cells are able to reach the deeper layers of skin where regeneration and communication happens.

At Skin Devotee Facial Studio We Offer ProCell™ Microchanneling To Help You:

  • reduce wrinkles, promoting a smoother and more youthful complexion
  • reduce inflammation linked to acne breakouts, to give you a clear and healthy skin appearance
  • refine your skin's texture, leaving it noticeably improved
  • simulate collagen and elastin production
  • speed up cell turnover, unveiling fresh, revitalized skin
  • firm and tighten your skin
  • achieve rapid results with minimal downtime compared to traditional microneedling
  • ensure tailored results for everyone since ProCell™ Microchanneling is suitable for all skin types

Evidence-Based Results

Visible transformation can be seen after just one microchanneling treatment, however 3-6 sessions are recommended to achieve the best outcome.

Before & After

This transformation was achieved in just one month after a single microchanneling session.

Finally! - The results you desire. Without injections, aggressive lasers or invasive medical procedures.


Common Questions About Microchanneling

Watch our video to learn more about how Microchanneling rebuilds the skin.

Watch the Procell Microchanneling video for more information on this type of microneedling technique