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Ectoin: The Ultimate Skin Protector

Skincare Ingredient Spotlight on Ectoin the Anti-Aging ingredient featured on the Skin Devotee Scoop

As a skincare nerd I'm always on the search for products with the most innovative ingredients and formulas. I came across one that I particularly wanted to highlight as a very special ingredient that’s relatively new on the market.

Though it's not yet widely used, I think it should be because it's a true skincare marvel.

With climate change and environmental conditions becoming harsher and harsher, you may start to hear more about the ingredient Ectoin, and it might just become the skin-savior that we all need.

What Is Ectoin?

Ectoin is a natural substance synthesized by molecules called extremolytes. These molecules are produced by microorganisms like bacteria and plants that need protection from extreme temperatures and dryness found in natural, but hostile environments such as deserts, salt lakes, arctic ice, the deep sea or hot springs.

Ectoin is found to be incredibly effective at protecting cellular membranes and DNA from environmental damage.

Why We Love Ectoin?

When Ectoin is combined with water, it can boost the skin’s natural self-defense mechanism and can offer natural protection from the sun, extreme temperatures and pollution.

Ectoin also helps soothe and calm skin inflammation and offers natural protection against UVA and UVB rays, along with protection from infrared and visible light.

It’s considered one of the best ingredients for repairing a damaged skin barrier, while simultaneously reducing inflammation and providing the skin with long-term hydration that can last up to 7 days.

Besides all these benefits, Ectoin really shines in its ability to protect skin cells from surfactants found in soaps and cleansers (not that we should be using harsh cleansers in the first place.)

Anti-Aging Benefits

When it comes to anti-aging, Ectoin has you covered as well. The majority of pre-mature aging is caused by extrinsic factors which are directly linked to our environment and lifestyle.

Skin Devotee quote on anti-aging and skincare ingredient ectoin

Skin that is protected and healthy is better able to repair and rebuild itself, and is less likely to be affected by these factors. We can’t stop aging, but we can certainly help delay it.

Who Should Use Ectoin?

Ectoin is for everyone, especially those living in urban areas and cities, and in regions with extreme temperatures. It’s also ideal to use after medical and aesthetic procedures to help heal and repair the skin.

For anyone who has dealt with skin sensitivities, ezcema, chronic irritation, redness and inflammation, Ectoin comes through like a soft blanket and comforting hug for your skin.

With everything that we put our skin through daily, including the self-inflicted damage from anti-aging procedures, I think we can all benefit from this hero ingredient -- don’t you?

Which Products Contain Ectoin?

Here's our top recommended products with Ectoin:

This is a smart serum that augments the skin's response to daily stress, jetlag, sun abuse, aesthetic procedures and serious partying. Can be used to prolong the effect of aesthetic treatments, such as Botox™. It is Paraben-free, Allergen and Color-free.

Smart Cream is a heavenly surge of pleasure for tired skin and frequent travelers. It looks like a whipped gel, yet it feels like a water-cream. This moisturizer is best for Combination/Oily, Normal and Sensitive skin.

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