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Epicutis: Luxurious Results-Orientated Skincare

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Skin Devotee is proud to introduce our latest skincare brand - Epicutis.

Positioned as a medical-grade luxury skincare brand, Epicutis is committed to clean beauty, using fewer ingredients and prioritizing skin health over age.

Our mission at Skin Devotee is to help connect you with skincare products that don’t just wow you, but actually cater to your skincare needs.

Revolutionizing Skincare with Science and Clean Formulas

Epicutis Skincare, founded by Dr. Jeffry Stock at Princeton University, was developed with Japanese scientist and formulator Masanori Tamura, utilizing technology discovered by Dr. Stock.

Epicutis Skincare products are formulated using concentrated therapeutic ingredients sourced with transparency from in-house manufacturers.

At the products’ core is the patented ingredient TSC (tetramethylhexadecenyl succinyl cysteine), a tiny yet powerful molecule proven to combat inflammation and bacteria, making it a valuable ally for those struggling with acne.

TSC: Epicutis' Molecular Response Against Skin Troubles

Epicutis skincare molecules in serums

At the heart of Epicutis lies a patented ingredient named TSC (tetramethylhexadecenyl succinyl cysteine).

TSC is a tiny molecule with extraordinary powers that's been clinically proven to combat inflammation and bacteria, and emerges as a formidable treatment for anyone dealing with acne as it effectively erases blemishes and calms irritation.

Discover The Epicutis Transformative Rituals

Epicutis Skincare Simplified

Epicutis is simplified using clean, conscious, luxurious and results-oriented skincare solutions within a 3-step routine.

Cleansing Essentials Set: Transformative Skincare Rituals

1. Cleanse using the Epicutis Cleansing Essentials Set, a game-changer in skincare. This set includes the Oil Cleanser and Enzyme Exfoliating Powder, revolutionizing the way you cleanse your skin.

Epicutis Oil Cleanser

Experience the unique, gentle and effective cleansing action of Epicutis Oil Cleanser, featuring two special botanical-based fatty acids that, when in contact with water, leave your skin feeling soft, cleansed, and non-greasy.

Enzyme Exfoliating Powder

Ditch microbeads and acids, and embrace the Epicutis Enzyme Exfoliating Powder.

Harnessing natural enzymes, this exfoliator gently breaks down dead skin cells and excess oils, leaving your skin smooth and renewed.

Lipid Serum For Resilient and Balanced Skin

2. Treat your skin with the magic of Epicutis' signature Lipid Serum, a treatment with just eight ingredients, including the potent TSC that helps retexturizing the surface of the skin for a smoother feel and improve overall skin health.

Beyond soothing redness, the Lipid Serum enhances skin resilience, protects collagen, and maintains the skin's natural balance, revealing a new standard in skincare.

Hyvia Crème: Nature and Science in Perfect Harmony

3. Hydrate using Epicutis Hyvia Crème, the next-generation moisturizer that improves hydration on the cellular level while strengthening the skin's barrier.

Hyvia Crème is the perfect blend of nature and science, with proprietary powerhouses and responsibly sourced botanicals.

Besides hydrating deeply, this moisturizer also shields from blue light damage, and protects against UV rays.

Experience the Epicutis Difference

Transparency Matters

As the first and only EWG VERIFIED™ professional skincare line, Epicutis sets the gold standard for clean and safe skincare. Their commitment to transparency ensures that you're getting the good stuff your skin deserves.

Cruelty-Free Beauty

Epicutis cruelty-free skincare available at Skin Devotee

Epicutis takes a stand against animal testing, formulating its products through meticulous scientific testing and collaboration with professional estheticians.

The result is a smarter approach to skincare, focusing on fewer but precisely chosen ingredients to ensure optimal skin care.

Are you ready to elevate your skincare routine and experience the Epicutis difference?

Discover Epicutis Skincare


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