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The Art Of Double Cleansing

Read about why it is important to focus on Double Cleansing in your skincare routine with founder of Skin Devotee Joanna Kula

Double Cleansing 101

Double Cleansing originated in 14th century Asia, where the locals in Korea and Japan began their two-step process of using a cleansing oil first, followed by a facial cleanser.

Even though we have a plethora of skincare cleansers to choose from, the number of steps in this process remains the same.

Benefits of Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing allows for a much deeper and thorough cleanse without drying or stripping the skin. It also prepares your skin for nighttime treatments like serums, retinols and moisturizers to be more effective on your skin.

How to Double Cleanse

Step 1

Remove makeup and sunscreen with an oil-based cleanser. Here are two of our favorites to try.

Purity Solution if you have oily or combination skin.

Step 2

Deep clean the pores and clear out stubborn impurities with a treatment cleanser.

Here are some of our best treatment cleansers to try:

Exquisite Soothing Cleansing Gel: pH-balancing and great for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive and compromised skin.

Ozonized Purifying Cleanser: a low-foam, no-fuss cleanser that gently removes impurities and is great for all skin types.

Compulsory Cleanser: An exfoliating and brightening cleanser for all skin types. It’s also great for men!

Pro Tip

If you already use a non-foaming cleanser daily, you can simply just cleanse twice, remove the cleanser with a clean washcloth, and you’re done!

When Should You Double Cleanse?

While you should wash your face both morning and night, you only need to double-cleanse in the evenings. In the morning, you can skip the first step and use only a gentle cleanser such as Exquisite Soothing Cleansing Gel.

How Often Should You Double Cleanse?

If you wear makeup and/or sunscreen daily, you should be double-cleansing every night.

Remember that proper cleansing is the most important step in your skincare routine because it sets the stage for everything else.

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