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Reset Your Skin - Double-Masking

How to Double-mask using double-masking skincare products by Joanna Kula licensed esthetician at Skin Devotee Facial Studio

If you've been wanting to add masks to your skincare routine, here's a quick and super easy way using two different masks to achieve a glow that's similar to a facial treatment.

Double-masking is a great way to hit the reset button on your skin.

So keep reading to find out why you should double-mask and learn how to combine two masking products to give you that dewy skin this Spring season! 🌼🌷🌸

What Is Double-Masking?

Double-masking is simply combining two different masks to layer on top of each other.

You start with an exfoliating mask, working it into your skin carefully and waiting for 5-10 minutes for the mask to take effect.

Then start with the second mask, that is hydrating and nourishing for your skin but also provides lifting qualities to your face and neck.

Benefits Of Double-Masking

Double-masking can be seen as mini-facial since the process of using two different types of skincare masks will exfoliate, brighten, hydrate, and nourish your skin.

When To Double-Mask?

Once a week or any time your skin feels like it needs a reset.

I hope these tips and treatments will help you to keep your complexion healthy and radiant throughout your busy Spring days.

If you want to refresh your routine or swap out more products for the springtime, then here's a quick guide on a skincare reboot for the Spring.

Need more help to get better, longer-lasting skin results? Skin Devotee Facial Studio in Philadelphia offers customized facials and products to enable you to achieve your skin goals without the stress. Book a facial today!

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