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Your Post-Sun Skin Recovery Plan

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Spending time outdoors is one of the simple joys of summer. Nothing beats picnics in the park, weekend getaways and trips to the beach. But with increased sun exposure comes the sun-damage and other potential risks.

Protecting your skin should be a priority, but it may not always enough. Heat, humidity and harsh elements can deplete the skin of vital nutrients and lead to dryness, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and increase of collagen break-down.

Sun damage cannot always be seen, so it's important to treat the skin properly after sun exposure to help mitigate the damaging effects of UV rays, free radicals and environmental stress.

Tips For Damage Control:


When double-cleansing, use only cold water and avoid any type of friction. Remove sunscreen with a gentle cleanser that won't strip the skin barrier.

We recommend Exquisite Face & Body Soothing Cleansing Gel. It will immediately soothe and comfort the skin after a long day in the sun.


Switch up your acid-based toner for a gentle pH balancing formula. Exquisite Face & Body Ultra Hydrating Toner will immediately hydrate, restore balance and set the stage for repair.


Use Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief to replenish moisture levels.  It covers your skin in moisture and nutrients, while providing an immediate cooling and soothing effect.


For post-sun skin repair, it's Cell Shock Recovery Serum to the rescue! This Swissline formula contains Ectoin, a potent ingredient that helps fight cellular damage from extreme conditions such as UVA rays.

Plus it contains prebiotics and probiotics to restore the skin's protective barrier and anti-inflammatory Madecasseside to take down redness and inflammation.

Adding Swissline's Peace Booster will help to even out the skin tone, strengthen the barrier and reduce redness since it contains Niacinamide which we love and so will you when you try it.

Mix in a few drops with Recovery Serum to help prevent hyperpigmentation after sun exposure.


Put away the clay mask and opt for a creamy moisturizing mask instead. In lieu of moisturizer, apply a nickel-size amount of Force Vitale Soothing Hydrating Mask and massage it in gently.

Leave it on overnight for a regenerating effect. Your skin will thank you in the morning!

Have the post-summer skin woes keeping you from achieving that glow? Skin Devotee Facial Studio offers customized facials and products to tackle your concerns and help you minimize your skin concerns. Book a facial today!

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