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How To Let Your Skin Age Gracefully - 1

How to let your skin age gracefully Part One

As we age our largest organ of our body goes through several physiological and chemical changes causing it to lose the supple, youthful and natural radiance it once had.

Soon we start to notice the first signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin or visible pores. While we cannot stop aging, we can at least try to understand, and learn to control some aspects of how we age.

We’ve created this 6-part mini-series on how to let your skin age gracefully that consists of simple, yet effective skincare tips and products, in an effort to help you love the skin you're in, regardless of your age.

Change The Way You Cleanse

If you’re new to skincare then cleansing is one of the most important and easiest step that is often ignored during a skincare routine. It’s so easy that most of us just decide there’s no time for such a trivial step.

For the rest of you who know better, you’ve realized that cleansing your skin as the first step, can make or break the health of you skin that you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

To help your skin age gracefully sometimes changing the way you cleanse your skin can elevate your routine.

Here are two simple cleansing tips to try if you haven’t yet done so:

1. Use a cleanser that does not strip the skin

If your skin has been feeling tight after washing, it usually means that after removing the dirt, impurities and/or makeup the cleanser has also stripped your skin of its precious water and oil.

In order to maintain the skin’s natural barrier components it needs to stay youthful and healthy. So switch to a more gentler and hydrating cleanser that effectively cleans and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

2. Use a creamy cleanser for drier skin

Picking the right cleanser is just as important as knowing your skin type, so take the time to learn what your skin type or condition is. For example, here's how to tell if your skin is dry or dehydrated.

If your skin feels dry or you have dry skin type, it is always good idea to use a creamy cleanser.

Creamy cleansers are formulated to effectively remove dirt, makeup and other impurities, but they do not leave you feeling “squeaky clean”. This is due to the lipid film that is left behind on the skin which helps to retain moisture for those with dry or drier skin.

How To Let Your Skin Age Gracefully - Mini-Series

Part 1 - Cleansers

Part 2 - Serums

Part 3 - Eyes & Neck

Part 4 - Moisturizers

Part 5 - Suncare

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