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How To Let Your Skin Age Gracefully - 2

How to let your skin age gracefully - part two

As we age our largest organ of our body goes through several physiological and chemical changes causing it to lose the supple, youthful and natural radiance it once had.

Soon we start to notice the first signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin or visible pores. While we cannot stop aging, we can at least try to understand, and learn to control some aspects of how we age.

We’ve created this 6-part mini-series on how to let your skin age gracefully that consists of simple, yet effective skincare tips and products, in an effort to help you love the skin you're in, regardless of your age.

Get Serious About Serums

Serums perform the major work in your skincare routine as they give your skin health an immediate and intense boost by deeply penetrating the skin with concentrated doses of hydrators, nutrients or antioxidants.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when looking to use serums in your skincare routine if you haven’t already done so:

1. Use Serums Consistently

Applying serums twice, once in the morning and then at night is the best way to level up your skincare routine.

You can use Vitamin C based serums during the day to help with protection against free radicals from UV rays. Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient that has so many benefits for your skin, so make sure should look for a more stabilized form when selecting your serums.

Use serums with retinol, peptides and growth factors in your nighttime skincare routine, that help with repairing any skin damage done during the day.

2. Use The Right Serums

Choose serums that specifically address signs of aging and dehydration.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, opt for serums that contain lipids, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

To help with fine lines and wrinkles, cell turnover and youthful appearance, choose serums that have retinol which is a vitamin A derivative.

Remember to use an SPF with the AM serums.

We recommend:

AM Serum PM Serum

Please keep in mind that if you are pregnant or looking to get pregnant that you may want to avoid retinol based serums.

Instead opt for serums that contain gentle acids, peptides or bakuchiol which are retinol alternatives. Vitamin C is another excellent ingredient that can be used in your nighttime skincare routine in lieu of retinol.

Retinol alternatives:

AM Serum PM Serum

Most people ignore serums or don’t really pay much attention to them, but they really are the heavy hitters in your skincare regimen that help fight aging and keep our skin healthy.

If you’ve just started or are actively using serums both day and night, and are looking for more tips on how to age gracefully, then checkout the links below or stay tuned for part 3.

How To Let Your Skin Age Gracefully - Mini-Series

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Part 5 - Suncare

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