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Is Your Skin Normal?

Learn how to indentify and treat normal skin type

What makes normal skin type, normal? Is it really normal or is it a skin type that comes with problems that are considered not an abnormal experience?

When we look at normal skin types, what we see is a skin that is balanced in terms of oil and hydration because it does not show up too oily and shiny or too tight and dry after cleansing or washing the skin.

So how do you tell if you have normal skin type? We’ve listed out what to look for and how to treat normal skin if you fall into this category of skin types.

Normal With A Case of Imperfections

Normal skin type is well balanced because the skin has a regular amount of sebum production and good circulation.

It is characterized by small pores, a smooth texture, even tone and mostly blemish-free skin. It’s common for normal skin to come with low maintenance as the skin can handle most creams and lotions without any issues.

Genetics play a major role in us having normal skin as even with age, this skin type can seem to look and feel amazing. However normal skin does not always mean it is completely free of imperfections or problems.

Skincare routine for normal skin type

Factors that affect normal skin and change its type can also be some of the same internal or external types of factors affecting other skin types. For example, poor lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking, or poor or unbalanced diet can contribute to breakouts or dry patches.

Other factors like hormones and stress levels can change your skin’s balance, while health diseases like diabetes can result in altered blood vessels that contribute to poor circulation, often thinning the area of the skin.

Oh and don’t forget about that sun damage which we all are prone to irrespective of our skin type.

The key to understanding normal skin is knowing and appreciating this natural skin type’s strong points and doing everything you can to take care of it.

Normal skin type

If you figured out that you have normal skin then lucky you! And so to help protect your precious skin, we’ve put together for you a quick and simple skincare regimen for normal skin.

Skincare Routine For Normal Skin

Keep it simple, avoid overuse of products especially harsh chemical peels and you will be on your way to waking up to beautiful, radiant and youthful looking skin every day.

  • Cleanse twice a day with a gentle cleanser.
  • Use a toner to rebalance your pH levels and prep the skin for your finishing products.
  • Pick a serum to hydrate and nourish your skin.
  • Moisturize with a moisturizer that suits your skin concerns.
  • Protect your skin from sun damage with an SPF of 30 or more.

We recommend the following skincare products for your oily skin regimen:

Cleanser Toner
Serum Moisturizer
Non-Tinted SPF Tinted SPF

Skincare Routine For Normal Skin With Acne

As we mentioned before normal skin can result in imperfections and sometimes the skin’s delicate balance is disrupted leading to breakouts from pores clogged with excess sebum.

When you are dealing with this hybrid condition, make sure to spot treat your breakouts, do not over-exfoliate, use oil-free moisturizers and avoid alcohol based products.

We recommend the following skincare products for your normal skin with acne regimen:

Cleanser Toner (Nightly Use)
Serum Moisturizer
Non-Tinted SPF Tinted SPF

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