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7 Habits To Improve Your Skin

Learn Skincare Habits To Improve Your Skin For The New Year By Skin Devotee Facial Studio

Happy New Year!

We hope that you and your loved ones have had a great holiday season and are ready to ease into 2023.

You’ve probably have some specific goals in mind that you would like to achieve over the next 12 months, but if you don’t have any written down, then we’d like to encourage you to add a goal to get a happy, healthy and glowing skin.

To achieve this goal you will definitely need to adopt some or all of these game-changing skincare habits in your routine.

This way you ensure that your skin has the best possible chance to realize its true potential.

7 Skincare Habits You Should Form

#1 Commit to Regular Treatments

Facials Recommended by Joanna Kula at Skin Devotee Facial Studio

One of Joanna’s goals this year is to schedule time out for regular treatments that incorporate her favorite modalities and multiple energies such as radio frequency and LED light to help with tightening and collagen building.

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#2 Remember Your Eye Area, Neck & Décolleté

“This year, I want to pay extra attention to my neck, décolleté and eye area, as they often get neglected when I get really busy.” - Joanna

We Recommend: Eye Zone Booster Serum

#3 Double-Cleanse Every Night

Double-cleansing is a game-changer in the way it helps to remove make-up and sunscreen effortlessly while maintaining your skin’s moisture balance and barrier function.

For the first cleanse, start by removing makeup and sunscreen with an oil-based cleanser.

We Recommend: Purity Solution

With second cleanse, you need to deep clean the pores and clear out stubborn impurities with a treatment cleanser.

We Recommend: Soothing Cleansing Gel

#4 Keep Your Skin Nourished & Hydrated

Use protective ingredients like Ceramides and Ectoin to boost skin’s hydration and daily defense especially for dry skin in the winter months.

We Recommend: Smart Cream

If you’ve got any dry, flaky patches, and sensitive skin reach for a moisturizer that can soothe and hydrate without breaking you out, to help restore your skin barrier and leave your skin feeling supple.

We Recommend: Aqua-Calm Cream

#5 Incorporate Massage

Try a DIY facial massage at home as massaging your face as often as you can helps to boost circulation, and oxygenate the skin.

Apply a balm to hydrate your skin and add a bit of slip so that you can use a roller to glide over your skin effortlessly but still effectively massage the areas of your face.

#6 Wear SPF Year-Round

Get into the habit of wearing SPFs even in the winter months because sun-damage is cumulative.

Look for lightweight mineral sunscreens that are formulated to help reverse sun-damage while protecting your skin.

With so little sun in the cold months, you need to give your skin a chance to enjoy as much vitamin D it can get.

#7 Embrace Age With Grace

To embrace aging with grace we have to accept this process as a normal part of life. The fact remains that our skin will age over time, and that there are certain factors that affect how and when our skin ages.

Some of these factors we may be able to influence, like poor diet, smoking, lack of sleep, stress and lack of exercise that all contribute towards dark circles, wrinkles, chronic breakouts and a dull complexion.

While other factors we just have to accept, like genetics which can result in our skin to show visible lines, become thinner, drier, and may lose some of that youthful suppleness over time.

So try to love the skin you’re in as it is the only one you’ve got and remember to give these goals a shot to help you achieve a new face for the new year.

Wishing you the very best for the new year. ️️❤️

Need help with your skin to achieve better, longer-lasting results? Skin Devotee Facial Studio offers customized facials and products to help you achieve your skin goals. Book a facial today!

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